Gun Control in the United States: A Reference Handbook

Gregg Lee Carter


ABC-CLIO, 130 Cremona Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93116

800.368.6868 for orders


Cloth. 408 page


ISBN Number 1-85109-760-0


Students who are assigned to debate gun control will find this resource a first stop in gathering preliminary information. The author has made an effort to show both sides of the controversy rather than taking one position and building that case. Here are the state and federal laws and the players, both in favor of gun control and those who fight against it. The listing of organizations includes 34 pages of pro-gun control organizations and 25 pages of pro-gun rights groups. References at the ends of chapters and those cited in the selected list of resources will help students begin their searches before they turn to the Internet. The fact that his presents both sides of the issue in one volume will make it a much sought-after resource.

 --Gale Reviews (December, 2006)





From the history and nature of gun violence in the U.S. to issues affecting gun rights, control, and distribution, Gun Control in the United States: A Reference Handbook is perfect for library reference and classroom debate alike: a pick for high school to college-level collections where social issues and gun control is debates. Here are chapters analyzing the attitudes towards gun control, public debates, the contentions of all sides, and the political and special interests involved.

--Midwest Book Review (May 2007)



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